Information For Health Coaches

coachMy passion is working with coaching professionals to either establish their practices or to enhance their current practices.

You may have studied all the major dietary theories and coaching techniques, but now you need to incorporate them into your own coaching practice for the benefit of your clients. 

I can guide and support you with resources and personal supervision, as you work to bring your coaching practice to the next level.

This offering is for Health Coaches by a Health Coach.

Here is a sample of what we might cover:

  • What are the most reputable health coaching trainings and certifications?
  • Do you need professional liability insurance?  What type of coverage should you get?  Who offers cost effective insurance plans for Health Coaches?
  • What are your continuing education options, so you can stay current in the field?
  • How can you differentiate yourself from other health coaches?
  • How can you best collaborate with Registered Dieticians?
  • Each client has unique needs and concerns.  Do you have a toolkit of highly effective activities, exercises, worksheets, and assessments that you use to motivate and support your clients?

Contact me for an initial phone consultation.

I will listen to your concerns and we will also explore whether individual supervision is right for you.

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